Rear Speakers not working on a Dimension 9200 system


      I have a Dimension 9200 system with Windows Vista Home premium installed. The sound card is a creative Sound Blaster X-Fi and I have 5.1 surround sound. The problem I have is that the rear speakers are not working, all others are ok.  The driver for the sound card is dated 27/12/2006, which I got from the Dell website. I cannot seem to find a more upto date driver. I have tried re-installing the sound blaster software, but that still does not work. I have checked the obvious-speaker connections and cannot find anything wrong with the setup. I have tried connecting the rear speakers to the front speaker connection on the Dell subwoofer, and then the rear speakers work. When I go into the speaker connection setup and test the speakers, the front, center, and subwoofer are okay, but when I test the rear speakers, the sound comes from the front two speakers, left and right. Sounds a bit strange to me. Thanks


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Re: Rear Speakers not working on a Dimension 9200 system

I assume they did work at one time.  

First, go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound Panel.  In the playback section click on the Speaker icon (for default playback device) and then Click on the Configure button.  Make sure 5.1 sound is selected and you can also test the speakers there.

If it's not a configuration error, with the PC powered off, open the case and "reseat" the SoundBlaster sound card - remove the card then reinstall making sure it's fully and correctly seated (you will have to unplug the speakers while you reseat).  Power on and see if that helps.


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Re: Rear Speakers not working on a Dimension 9200 system


        I have managed to get the rear speakers to work ok now. What I did was:Control panel>sound>sound blaster>disable sound blaster enhancements. In the EAX effects, I enabled this, when I tested the speakers, they were all okay. Thanks for the reply.


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