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Recovery Media - What is best option?

I have a new 8900.  I want to create recovery media in case I have to completely restore the computer OS.  One place on Dell site seems to imply I need a 16GB USB drive to do this.  Somewhere else it indicates a DVD disk is what I would have to make a recovery.  After much searchng I am  at a loss.  

Any suggestions about how I should best create recovery media?  I am familiar with having the DVDs shipped with computers from Dell.  That's not the case now I guess. Also, does the recovery media include required device drivers?  I assume the recovery media is on one of the 4 partitiions shipped with my 2TB HDD 

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RE: Recovery Media - What is best option?

USB hard drive is the best media.  USB flash drives and SSD's detrap and lose data.  Hard drives kept in cool dry place retain data for 30 years or more.


Recovery media can be tested by making a bootable usb hard drive and then installing a blank hard drive that is new in place of the old drive to see if it can recover from total death of the original hard drive.

Trying to create recovery media when the hard drive is dying years after you purchased the machine is not a good idea.

Cloning drives to other drives is another method that works well.




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