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Remove Hard Drive: Inspiron 620 MT: Dell Manual is not helpful

The hard drive for my Inspiron 620 MT needs replacing. The Dell Manual is, surprisingly, not helpful. I am using a manual for a Dell Inspiron 620.

On Page 19, it directs the user to:

3)...."disconnect the power and data cables from the primary hard drive." Check.

5)" Remove the two screws that secure the hard-drive assembly to the drive panel." Check

6) "Lift the hard-drive assembly away from the computer."  Doesn't lift at all.  The hard-drive brackets and the hard-drive are firmly stuck in place.

I would add that  an additional instruction doesn't quite fit, though the diagram is good.

7) "Remove the two screws (One on each side) that secure the two hard-drive brackets to the hard-drive."  What  doesn't fit is that while I see where the screws would go, there are no such screws there. I have never touched the hard-drive, so it would appear that Dell delivered my 620 without those screws.

I have also looked at the  Inspiron 620S manual.

I have previously used Dell Manuals to replace memory,  optical drives,  and a  hard drive on a Dimension, and to replace the fan on the Inspiron 620, so I am puzzled about this problem with instruction on removing the hard drive.

(Note that when I looked for a Inspiron 620 Service Manual on the Dell site, right here, http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/product-support/product/inspiron-620/manuals

This is what I got: : Dell Inspiron 620s Service Manual PDF (1013 KB). Not very good work, Dell. I was able to find a Dell Inspiron 620 Service Manual at another site, but it wasn't helpful, either.)

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RE: Remove Hard Drive: Inspiron 620 MT: Dell Manual is not helpful

When I typed  "remove hard-drive from dell inspiron 620 mt" into a search engine, I was directed to a thread on Tom's Hardware, which directed me to the following Dell Forum thread:


Gotta yank it out.

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