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Reputable service on 3-yr old Dell Dimension E510 Series

I have a Dell Dimension E510 Series system that is just over 3 yrs old and out of warranty.  Apparently the boot sector on the hard dirve went bad and I did not want to reformat the drive and lose all the data on it, so I bought a new 250GB Seagate HD.  I installed the new drive and it was correctly found and ID'd in the BIOS, but during the Windows XP Media Center install off the CD the step to format the drive failed.  Following that failure, subsequent attempts to reload WIndows XP using the CD failed to find the new HD.

It could have a "bad" new HD and terrible luck in losing a key sector of my original HD, but I fear it might be something else.  Loking for a reputable and knowledgable service house to check over my system before I sink more money and time in to replacing the HD.  I live on the north side of Cincinnati, OH.  Any suggestions?

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