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Rewire Dell Dimension 2350 Front Panel USB & Speaker ports

I've upgraded my Dell by installing a more up-to-date motherboard in my Dell Dimension 2350.  I had to rewire the power panel header, but that was fairly easy as the Power & HDD LED wires are labeled.

Now, I need to remap the wires from the Front Panel USB & speaker ports to standard USB & Audio headers.  Can anyone provide the pinout schematic for the USB/speaker & translate it to the standard 9-pin configurations for each?

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Re: Rewire Dell Dimension 2350 Front Panel USB & Speaker ports

The Dell front panel connector wiring is a Dell proprietary and undocumented.  You will have to take an ohmmeter and try to trace out what is what.

There are some user listings around of some of these, but as they can vary from one model to another unless you can find a 2350 user wiring diagram it may not be the same.

If you have an open bay, either a 5 1/4" CD drive bay or a floppy diskette bay, you can buy an ATX standard I/O unit with USB and audio connectors.  I've seen these at www.compusa.com and www.newegg.com



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Re: Rewire Dell Dimension 2350 Front Panel USB & Speaker ports

I suggest buying the front panel from a B110/1100/2400/3000/4600/4700, as it has an Azalea-compatible front audio port. The 2350 audio port is AC97, and the cable is too short to reach the audio header on some mainboards. The audio connector is of the Soundblaster type, which has been documented by third parties.

If you insist on rewiring the 2350, I reverse-engineered the pinouts and posted them in a thread here.

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