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S2240T, Inspiron Zino HD, Radeon HD3200, no 1920x1080?

Hi I just installed the S2240T monitor to my dell Inspiron Zino HD. The problem I am having is I can not get the Resolution to go full screen. I have updated my driver (Ati Radeon HD 3200) to the latest driver. If I chose 800x600 Resolution it would fill up the whole display screen. I want to use the recommended resolution which is 1920x1080. Can someone help me out here. I'm on Windows 7 thanks.

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RE: S2240T, Inspiron Zino HD, Radeon HD3200, no 1920x1080?

The Latest Driver DOES NOT WORK with a HD2200 or HD3200 or HD4200.

You can only use the Legacy Directx 10 driver.

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RE: S2240T, Inspiron Zino HD, Radeon HD3200, no 1920x1080?

Full screen is a setting on the monitor and should be controlled by Dell Display Manager. Resolution is in display and is controlled by the video card. Right click on the desktop and choose Screen Resolution. If 1920x1080 is not available you're out of luck and have to use the best resolution available. The Zino is a basic unit without upgrade options. Use the monitor with a full featured desktop. The monitor is actually worth more than the Zino.

See the manuals here-- 


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