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Hi, we have the 8250p4 dimension desktop, and today all of a sudden the sound does not work. Device manager said the device is NOT working properly. I went to Creative diagnostic, and it said that the device is not there and to remove the sound card and put it back it. I removed the sound card, reinstalled it, and it still does not work.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to trouble shoot it further? Is it possible the mother board is failing in that area? I hope not because the machine still works perfect after all these years.


We are running 512 RD Rambus Ram, 120 gig WD hard drive, windows xp service pack 2.

Any help is greatly appriciated.


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It's possible it's just a software glitch - sometimes system restore is the easiest thing to try first. 


Not exactly sure from your post, but did you both physically reseat the sound card AND uninstall/reinstall the drivers for it?  Does your device manager show any errors?   XP might recognize a card as existing (even with an error) even if Creative's diagnostics don't.


If there is a card detected a reinstall of the software and drivers may help.  If you don't have the original CD with the drivers, others have reported that the ones for the retail version of the Audigy 2 ZS card might work, but no guarantees (Dell has a habit of customizing things):




You could also try putting the card in another PCI slot to see if it's recognized there.


EDIT:  Added a bit more detail...

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its my suggestion uninstall the creative sound software and do check in bios that do integrated audio card is disabled if its not then do disable it and after that reinstall the software and it will work perfect ....i tried it very well......
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