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SSD SATA Conflict on XPS 8900

I have a new XPS 8900 that came with Windows 10.  I purchased a Samsung 850 Pro SSD which I have installed in one of the PCIe slots, and I wanted to install Windows 7 Pro on it.

I couldn't find a way to install it directly, so I installed WIn 7 Pro on a new SATA HDD (Not the original that shipped with the computer) I then cloned the new HDD over to the SSD and removed the SATA HDD.  Windows 7 boots from the SSD like it should.  So far, so good.

Now I want to add a larger, clean SATA HDD for storage, but when I install it, computer tries to boot from the SATA drive instead of the SSD, but obviously won't because there's no operating system on it.  I've gone into the BIOS (V 2.0.3) and if the SATA HDD is attached, it won't give me the SSD as an option in the boot sequence section.  If I disconnect the SATA HDD, then the SSD appears in the boot sequence and Win 7 loads normally.  I have to be in Legacy mode with Secure boot turned off for BIOS to see the SSD as well.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this so I can boot from the SSD and still see the SATA HDD?


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RE: SSD SATA Conflict on XPS 8900

Just wondering if you found a solution to this problem. I'm having similar issue. Seems the latest BIOS for the XPS 8900 is a bear to work with, not supporting Win 7 sata, ssd. 

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