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Serious XPS400 Problem

My XPS400 hard drive crashed. Hard Down! Bought new Identical Drive. No Problem! Do not have Original OS CD (Windows XP home edition) as it was installed by dell. Unable to find my reinstall disk but do have the product key#. I had an old reinstall disk from another of my computers(WindowsXP Pro w/ sp2). I installed this disk and proceded to install SP3 as I needed that for my cisco router to work in order to use other wireless computers in my home.

Here's the Problem - No Sound for one thing and monitor is hosed too. Also, went into device manager and under other devices I have several devices found but with the big yellow ? next to them. Tried updating drivers for each to no Avail. Tried to have Dell online Diags find the problem but I can't get that to run. Went as far as to look up the motherboard id # and the monitor card id#, tried to download the Intel drivers from Intel site for it but still no go.Someone Please Help!!!

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Re: Serious XPS400 Problem

Sounds like you didn't install the right drivers. Desktop System Software (System Utilities)  and chipset drivers are the first 2 drivers (in that order) which have to be installed before other drivers will install and work properly. This is the correct order, after loading XP:

  1. Desktop System Software
  2. Chipset
  3. Video driver
  4. Audio driver
  5. Network driver
  6. Other drivers

You will need to know which video card, audio card, etc  are installed so you install the right driver for that hardware, and don't install any of the drivers listed at that link which don't match your hardware.

Since you've already installed some drivers, reboot in Safe Mode and install #1 and #2. Then reboot normally. If the audio etc still don't work correctly or have ? in Device Manager, reinstall each of those drivers again.


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