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Setting up Outlook

I am trying to set up my outlook. I have it to where I can open it and send messages but messages the messages never are sent to the test email and I can not receive e-mails. I have Windows Vista MS Outlook. Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this problem?

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Mary G
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Re: Setting up Outlook

You are confusing Windows and Office. Vista does not have Outlook. It does not even have XP's Outlook Express. You need to explain what email program you are trying to set up. Outlook is part of Microsoft Office Suite--an optional software program-- and is not related to Outlook Express. Vista has Windows Mail (an updated version of Outlook Express) as a free email program. If you have a new computer, you might have a trial version of Office. Trial versions of Office expire within 30 days, so you should not try to set up your email unless you intend to purchase the expensive Office progam. Outlook needs to be activated before you can send any emails, even if it's a trial version. To activate select Help on the Outlook menu and Activate Office. Look up Windows Mail in Vista Help for info on setting that up.

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