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Several issues with XPS hardware.

My husband and I just recieved our XPS 8100 a few days ago. When we set it up the antennea jacks(?) in the back were lose, it kept shutting itself down ("improperly" I might add), the webcam in the monitor isn't working, and the keys on the keyboard are transposed (IE: When I shift press 2, I get ", etc). After being transfered eleven  times (yes, actually eleven times), the rep was trying to get me to take the computer apart and basically void the warranty. I tried to be as nice as possible because I personally work in a call center, but I had to get snappy for him to send a technician out.

The technician came out yesterday and determined we need a new monitor and motherboard. Apparently when the monitor was made the wires weren't connected to the webcam, thus it not working. The only thing I'm wondering about is I was messing around with the settings and in the Task Bar under EN, it's set to the United Kingdom (for the keyboard). I keep setting it to the United States but within about five minutes it will reset it's self to the UK, even though I turned off auto-adjust. So I'm wondering if it's a software issue or if the motherboard would be causing that as well?

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