Re: Should I buy a new Desktop? And if so, can I sync everything through plugs? :)

Hi Nellie,

From your post I understand that you are residing in Singapore. We do not have any other offering for data backup other that the onsite data backup service for SGD$219.35 for 10gb of data in Singapore region. Since you have mentioned that you cannot follow data backup instructions, I would suggest you to use the following application which does the data backup with very few steps and its free application.

As an alternate option, I would suggest you our dell product called “Dell data safe”. It is online storage service. To purchase it you can logon to and purchase storage space as per your requirement. Once purchased, you can install the application and it automatically takes the backup of your computer and stores the data online. Once the backup process is completed you can restore/download files on new computer.

Kindly revert back and let me know for further clarifications.

Thanks and regards,

Vishwas M

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