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Sleep and hibernation Issues after Windows 10 Upgrade

Shortly after upgrading an Optiplex 7010 PC to Win 10, I installed all of Dell's latest recommended driver and application updates (covering audio, video and BIOS etc). The updated drivers fixed a few minor bugs initially encountered following the upgrade, but the PC still refuses to remain in either sleep or hibernation for any reasonably long duration. As far as I've been able to observe over the last few days, the duration for which the PC remains "down" can vary quite randomly from around 2 seconds to 10 or more hours (sleep mode is by far the most erratic). I further checked to confirm the power management wake-timer was disabled (it was). I also manually disabled the Windows scheduled update option, but the issue remains. In the 1 year+ that I've used the same PC with the previous OS (Win 7 pro), the system always slept reliably until manually awakened. Any ideas or suggestions?

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RE: Sleep and hibernation Issues after Windows 10 Upgrade

Same here, I tried everything, don't try fixing it using a disk from A_ or E_ will loose or you data, should try to restore it or uninstall the windows 10 back up all your data and update again, I love windows 7 home edition and keeping it, good luck.