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Sound problem with EAX - SB X-Fi Extreme audio card

I have a Dell Studio XPOS 7100, X-Fi Etreme Audio PCLe SB card, Harmon Kardon 2.1 speakers with subwoofer. I'm using IE8 but I also downloded Firefox and Chrome and the results are the same as below.....

My problem (since day one March 2011) is that I can receive sound for anything EXCEPT flash videos (have latest flash version).   If I enable EAX, I can get sound in the flash videos BUT there is a lot of echo/reverb and I cannot understand any speach. Of course, this EAX effect transfers to all sounds on my system... flash or not.

If I disable the EAX, I immediately lose sound in the flash videos. BTW, video runs perfectly just the sound issue.

This feels like a catch 22 situation and I'm stumped. Any help is appreciated greatly....



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Re: Sound problem with EAX - SB X-Fi Extreme audio card

There are no SoundBlaster drivers listed on the Dell downloads for the XPS7100. Only the Integrated audio.

Did you add this card yourself? 

One thing to check, disable the Integrated Audio in the BIOS (F2 Setup), if it is not disabled.  Two sound "cards" and there can be conflicts with varying results or problems. 

HERE is the Creative (Soundblaster) downloads for this model card.  Suggest you install the latest drivers and see if that corrects the problem.

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Re: Sound problem with EAX - SB X-Fi Extreme audio card

Thanks, Fireberd.

Dell installed the card when I purchased the computer in March. I had a SB card on my old system and great sound!

Will take a look at the BIOS..... I remember having speaker isssues when I 1st got the machine and a Dell tech installed new drivers ( which I think should be for the X-Fi audio card but not the EXPRESS version. I just noticed the difference when you pointed me to the Creative webpage. I'm assuming the "e" in PCLe means the express version?

A couple of questions (please).....

1.) Since the download is 80+ MB, I'm assuming it is for the entire audio pack.... new control panel etc.??

2.) If it gives me an option for the downloaqding of just the driver.... will my existing control panel be usable?

Thanks for being here.... I posted in the Windows 7 forum a couple days ago and was hoping you would have seen my post !  🙂

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