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SoundBlaster Audigy Advanced MB reinstallation woes on E510

I greatly need help. I can't re-activate my SoundBlaster Audigy Advanced MB product key. I ran a trial of the Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and found no practical use in it, so I reverted back to XP MCE 2005. That's when all my troubles began. I inserted the CD into my drive and the computer extracted the drivers. A windows popped up and told me to enter my activation key. I entered it. Then I entered USA in for the country. Another window popped up. (aka SoundBlaster Audigy Advanced MB activation server) I selected that I had to reinstall my Operating System as the reason why I had to reinstall my SoundBlaster software. The darn thing refused my key. The error was: "Error: Unable to process the request at this time". I contacted Dell by chatting, no luck. I emailed Dell, still no go. I called Creative's Customer Service, and they referred me back to Dell. I am not willing to spend another $20 on another activation key, that I had in the first place! I am desperate for help.
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