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This should be easy for someone with a good memory! I'm using an ancient Dimension E510 Desktop, and there are two little speakers which I suppose came with it, also Dell, #CN-OF6371.

Despite years in the hi fi  industry; I can't figure out how to hook them up; the manual is long gone and neither speakers nor computer use hookups or plugs from the world of hi fi; more like what you used to see with inexpensive Asian portables and such. Jacks on the computer aren't marked and the color coding is a mystery to me.

People keep mentioning a way to turn off speakers and use headphones; I can find no switching for that, which could be the problem-  it's set up for headphones. Or the audio could be turned off or muted. This thing is so old what little that's marked has actually worn off to the degree of being unusable!

Thanks for any help. This ain't sophisticated audiophile stuff; I'd just like to get some music into this little room...

Thanks for any help....

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RE: Speakers


The Dimension E510 has a green audio jack on the rear of the system. The audio is onboard Sigmatel STAC 92XX. The A215 speakers plug into that green audio jack.

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RE: Speakers


So you have Dell A215 speakers.  There is a power adapter for them then they plug into the machine in the green jack for speakers.

Remove the Dell A215 speakers from the box.
Place the speakers in your computer area.
The speaker with the volume knob is the right speaker
 and should sit to the right of your keyboard.
 Place the other speaker to the left of your keyboard.

Plug the left speaker into the right speaker.
The left unit has an orange-brown plug that connects to a
similarly colored port on the back of the right unit.
The other end of the cord is fixed to the rear of the left speaker.

Insert the two-prong end of the power adapter into an electrical outlet.
Plug the other end into the black power port on the back of the right speaker.

Insert the main audio cable into your computer.
This cable is fixed to the back of the right speaker and has a green head.
Plug the green connector to the green audio-out port on your computer.
This port is on the back of the desktop.

Turn the knob on the right speaker clockwise to turn the
speakers on and increase the volume.
Turn it counterclockwise to lower the volume partially or all
the way to turn the speakers off.

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