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Still having issues after 1 month

Hey guys! I need some dire help, no one has been able to help me out since December, so, I'm counting on you guys! Alright I'll cut to the chase and skip the intro for ya'll.


Ok, here's the issue. I ordered an Nvidia eVGA 9600 GT from Newegg around Christmas time. I know for a fact it's not DoA as it is sitting in my case with its fan howling. However, I am currently stuck to using integrated chipset for display, because I cannot connect my PSU to the card. I own a Dell Dimension family computer which I got back in 2005. This card HAS been known to work with my PSU at stock speeds, albeit, my CPU will bottleneck it.


Here is my 9600GT: [...] 6814130424


After I ordered it, you can see the cables I got, obviously, it doesn't reach my PSU's short wire, so I ended up ordering this since someone at Dell Forums told me to. [...] 6812201004


Alright, it now has the reach, but the ends don't fit in. As in, the PSU's wire doesn't go with my cable. So, again, I go the Dell Forums and ask for something to "bridge the gap" and they link me to this [...] ts_id=1169


So I ordered it....unfortunately, it still hasn't gotten me anywhere. It goes into my Apevia cable, but doesn't link with the PSU's. So, guys, can you help me find a connector/converter/whatever so I can hook up my PSU to my Graphics card? Please, guys, it's been dragging for a month. Need help!


Here are some pics:


PSU's end- [...] 091435.jpg


Apevia cable's end- [...] 91434a.jpg


The molex attached the Apevia cable: [...] 950065.jpg


What it looks like now: [...] 950064.jpg


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