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Studio XPS 435MT getting BSD and booting takes to long to recovery

Windows 7 64bit OS Getting BSD...something about time interval on a processor. Now when re-starting get to the Dell startup and pauses, selecting startup options F12 or F2 for setup, it takes forever for the system to acknowledge the F12 or F2 selection or to actually do a normal restart. Has anyone experienced this problem or explain why this is happening. I have had this system (new from Dell) for 5 years. The first year had nothing but problems and Dell came out twice to replace the Bluetooth card, I ended up taking the card out altogether and installing a 3rd HD. Then because of the 3rd HD and to buy another PSU to support it. Then about a year ago I noticed that I no longer have 12GB of memory only 8GB. I still have not figured out why this happened. Now these BSDs about once or twice a day are really becoming a problem. Thanks for any help, advice or support you can give! Neal
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