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Support from Dell??

I have a new XPS 420 and Dell 948 all in one printer and so far motherboard has been replaced and they have sent me a new printer.  The issue still is not resolved and I am beyond frustrated. When I waste hours of my time to contact Dell to repeat once more what is happening I am told they will contact me and they never do.  I want to ship everything back to them but of course it is past 21 days and they say that is not an option.  What am I supposed to do?  Calling support is a joke because no one speaks English and trying to explain something to them is ridiculous as they are obviously reading responses from a screen. not to mention no one knows how to fix the stupid thing. 


Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get them to take this LEMON back?  We used Dell's credit card and of course I've made payments to not mess our credit up and I'm even willing to forgo the refund of what I've paid but it is like a fortress trying to get them to respond.  Last call to Dell they promised a supervisor would call me between 1 and 8pm and after wasting 2 days waiting I just can't keep wasting my time, not to mention having a computer that doesn't work!!  

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Re: Support from Dell??

Whats going on with your system? Whats the problem? Maybe someone in the forum knows how to get you going again. I understand your frustration with tech support and customer service. Its like being in a foreign land trying to understand the language.


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Re: Support from Dell??

Thanks I've tried that and followed whatever suggestions were given on past replies.  When Dell sent the tech out here to replace the motherboard he even couldn't figure it out.  They have loaded so much junk on my computer now trying to figure it out; I have no idea what is going on.  And they are wanting to send another motherboard to replace the 3rd one and I'm sorry to spend this kind of money and to have it not work from the get go is ridiculous.  I had my last desktop for TEN years and never once had a problem - it was not a Dell obviously - and I am just so mad that I got talked into buying this (grrrrrr to my husband, lol).  I'm not a computer technician but it has something to do with the USB ports? but again not understanding how everything works who knows what else could be wrong.....Dell definitely plays on customers like me who are ignorant and not technically minded and they obviously think we have nothing better to do but spend hours contacting them over and over.  I think my best route is to file a complaint with the BBB and see what happens there and just sell the computer super cheap and if the person is a computer person they will probably fix it for a buck and have a heck of a deal.  Dell is not concerned about customer satisfaction and definitely not concerned with the quality of their products.

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Re: Support from Dell??

river525 wrote: Dell is not concerned about customer satisfaction and definitely not concerned with the quality of their products.

Hello river525, I have made this statement over and over, and I have experienced far more frustration with Dell and their lack on concern and support for their customers and products, than you can imagine.


While Dell, as a company seems to adhere to this business model, there is at least one Dell employee, that does not fit this mold.


He has assisted many members here, and is always more than willing to try and resolve any of your issues.


But he is extremely limited as to what he can do.


I cannot mention his name due to the Terms of Service policy, but most regular members know who he is.


Hope this helps.



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Re: Support from Dell??



Man, if that doesn't sound like a typical support spin I dont know what does.


"There is someone that can help you but I can't tell you who."


You could at least send the dude a private message. It isn't like he is some kind of super hero that needs his secret identity protected. Man, I have hurt myself from laughing so hard.Smiley Very Happy