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Switching HDD from RAID to NON RAID

Okay so I have a Dell XPS 8300. I have an SSD with windows on it and then 1 TB of Seagate HDDs as "slaves". The slave is (was) a RAID 0 setup. One of the HDDs was making a high pitch sound so I disable RAID using ctrl i and figured out which one. So, the problem is, now that I know which HDD it is, I reconnected the other good HDD so I could still have a 500 gb slave, but windows will not recognize the HDD. The BIOS does, but Windows does not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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RE: Switching HDD from RAID to NON RAID

RAID 0 writes in stripes across the drives so if you remove 1, the volume is broken. You would have to make a copy of the contents of the "slaves" then either copy that to the single HDD or add another, set up the RAID and restore the backup.

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