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RE: T3500 CPU upgrade options?

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This is a late post but may help others.  EDIT thank you Justin C for posting valuable information.

I successfully upgraded my T3500 (w/ MB 9KPNV) from a E5507 (45 nm, 4C/4T, 4M Cache, 2.26 GHz, 4.80 GT/s, TDP 80W, no TurboBoost) to a X5670 (32 nm 6C/12T, 12M Cache, 2.93 GHz, 6.40 GT/s, TDP 95W, w/3.33GHz max TurboBoost) without any issues. 

Still have the original Samsung 6Gb DDR3 1333MHz ECC ( PC3-10700)  M391B5773CH0-CH9 but waiting on additional 12Gb (on the way)

Here are key things to have on hand or to be done for the hardware changes:

  • update BIOS to the latest available A17
  • got an server pulled X5670 ($143.98 on Amazon Dec-2015)
  • replaced the original Low TDP plain aluminium heatsink P/N 0T021F pictured below 

by the a heatsink P/N U016F (w/ heatpipes) ($20.00 on Amazon Dec-2015) to support higher TDPU016F Heatsink 

Followed the Dell T3500 service manual Heatsink and Processor section.

Note the manual shows pictures of the P/N U016F installed and the correct orientation of the heatsink.


  • used real Arctic Silver 5 Thermal compound, watch out for fakes... follow the instructions for application based on the processor model http://www.arcticsilver.com/intel_application_method.html#
  • installed the new CPU and new heatsink
  • turned the system on to check for Diag Lights and POST, no issues...
  • edited the BIOS settings to activate the TurboBoost, IntelSpeed Stepping and HyperThreading (not available originally due to the old CPU limitations)
  • Once it rebooted after BIOS settings changes, it took a couple minutes for Windows 7 to update the drivers for the new CPU and everything is working as expected, e.g. faster and flexible.

Dell Diagnostics and Tests, CPU-Z and CPUID HW Monitor reporting all as expected.

Got a new life of this old T3500...

Hope this help others on DYI upgrades.