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T3500 Gaming Rig (2016)

I'd like to know if I use  Dell alienware 51 T7500 power supply 24 pin wiring harness https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-28G6X-Dell-Alienware-Compatible/dp/B00GWQBJV0    

on a T7500 1100w PSU connected to a T3500 motherboard will It be able to work and support a gtx 980 1 pcie sound card 1 240gb 2.5 sata ssd and a X5650 CPU with a little room to spare for overclocking? 

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RE: T3500 Gaming Rig (2016)

First off there is no overclocking on any Dell Precision or Optiplex.

Not familiar withe the T7500 power supply connectors.

Whenever I upgrade the 525W unit in a T3500 I use the 875W unit with harness from a T5500.



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