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T3500 XP Windows 64 bit OS - Free upgrade to Win 7 / win 10

I've a T3500 XP Windows 64 bit which has served me really well for years. I am very reluctant to upgrade the OS but expectedly it is coming to a point where many of the software min requirement is windows 7.

I remember when I purchased it, I have this option to do a free upgrade to windows 7 or it does come with a windows 7 installed and I have an option to switch to it. It is a 5-6 years old model and there is a high chance I misplaced the CD and the manual. Is there a way that I can check in my system whether it is an easy switch to win 7?

I've never done any OS upgrade at all. Can I upgrade win 7 from Dell site or I have to purchase a software for it? Do I need to replace any new hardware for the upgrade?


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RE: T3500 XP Windows 64 bit OS - Free upgrade to Win 7 / win 10

Probably it shipped with a Windows 7 Professional with downgrade rights to Windows XP Professional. XP Professional would have been preinstalled and you would have got a Dell Windows 7 professional Reinstallation DVD.

Check the case to see if there is a Windows 7 COA affixed to the system.

Likely its out of warranty so procuring a Reinstallation DVD will cost more than its worth.

What you can do however is use the product key on the Windows 7 Professional COA to clean install Windows 10 TH2. You should ensure the BIOS is at revision A17 before upgrading. See here for details:



Also the following video tutorials:


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RE: T3500 XP Windows 64 bit OS - Free upgrade to Win 7 / win 10

There was never a free upgrade from XP to windows 7.  You cannot upgrade XP to 7.  You have to do a clean install.

Vista Requires Service pack 1 then Service pack 2 Before it can be updated to windows 7.  

There are Zero cross platform upgrades from 32 to 64 or 64 to 32.

Only clean installs.  If you do not have a windows 7 COA sticker then you are not eligible for a WIN10 upgrade.

If you do have a COA you can upgrade to WIN10 TH2



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