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T3500 and 3rd party coolers

I'm currently using the stock heatsink, and I'm unhappy with idle temperatures of ~45C and intensive task temperatures of 75C-80C, so I want to bring these numbers down.

Please note that my previous CPU was an X5650, and I recently upgraded it to an X5690, and prior to the CPU upgrade I was also running the same high temperatures. I googled about these temperatures, and it appears that these temperatures are safe, but I'm still pretty paranoid. 

Therefore, I bought the Noctua NH-U12DX i4 which is fully compatible with the LGA1366 socket, but to my surprise, the T3500 uses non-standard parts for mounting the heat sink.

I went ahead and emailed Noctua in hopes that they have a mounting solution, but while I await for their response, I'm looking to see if anyone here already has a solution.

If there is no way to get the Noctua fan installed, does Dell have a better heatsink thank the stock one that will do a much better job?


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