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T5400 BIOS shows all 8 slots populated with 4GB Ram / only shows 24GB as installed

So I am trying to get this T5400 to boot as a lab machine, and it has and shows all 8 DIMM Slots populated in the BIOS with 4GB sticks (all identical) but under installed memory it only shows 24GB. How can it see 32, but only accept 24? More importantly, how can i make it use the memory it sees?




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You have bad ram or mixed ram or mixed rank or ecc and non ecc.



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how is that possible when they're all the same, they show up in the BIOS, and yet, aren't being used?

I have 16 of these RAM chips, in 2 different T5400's and All combinations give the same result. 4 that work in A with 4 that work in B show 32GB but only use 24GB?

doesn't seem like bad ram to me.


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