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T7400 Fan Running Too Slow


I was given a Dell 690 which I upgraded to a T7400 and that may be pivotal. I changed CPUs, Motherboard, PSU, RAM, front USB tray and graphics card.

Currentlyits running 2x 3Ghz Quad core Xeon 5472 if memory serves, 8Gb 1600Mhz RAM and a GeForce 8800GTX.

The problem I have seems to be the opposite of most - the big fan in the middle of the case that cools the processors only ever runs on tickover. I do 3D animation and video editing so regularly need ot leave the machine for days sometimes at 100% CPU and I cannot do that at the moment without external fans blowing air into the machine's front vent.

Is it a BIOS setting or a heat detector that may have been disconnected? Help please! 🐵

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RE: T7400 Fan Running Too Slow

Did you re-use that fan from the 690 or...? And is the fan connected to the new motherboard?

Dell OEM fans typically have a sensor in them that BIOS uses to control fan speed. Fans are usually specific for one or just a few Dell systems. So if you used the old fan, it might not be compatible with the replacement motherboard...


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