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THe DVD Burner keeps rejecting blank disks

I am trying to burn some files and the DVD Burner keeps rejecting the blank disks.  I have tried up to 6 different clean from the box Memorex disks with only one success.

Formatted disks with data on them do read and I can burn CD's OK.

I have burned multiple DVD on this drive successfully in the past.

I ran the diagnostics and everything passed.

Any suggestions on what to do next?



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Re: THe DVD Burner keeps rejecting blank disks

What model PC?  What Operating System ?

One general suggestion, uninstall the drive in the Device Manager and then restart the PC and the drive will be detected and reinstalled.  This fixes a lot of this type of problem.  If it doesn't fix it, repost on the CD/DVD section (where you should have posted initially).

To access the Device Manager, hold the Windows key down and press the Pause/Break key.  RIGHT click on the drive and then LEFT click on Uninstall.

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Re: THe DVD Burner keeps rejecting blank disks

Exact same problem on my Vostro 200, it was picky at first, then after months it finally died completely on DVDs, CDs continued to work, Dell warrantied it for me.

I never ran the diagnostics until it failed completely to read any DVD, it failed the read test. Be sure a DVD with data on it is in the drive during the test.

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Re: THe DVD Burner keeps rejecting blank disks

In general Memorex media is junk.

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