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TV tuner recommendation for XPS 730x


I'm looking for a recommendation for a TV tuner for my Dell XPS 730x with Vista 64.  I would have bought one with the system, but Dell no longer seems to offer TV tuners with new desktop systems.  Go figure!

My last XPS (Gen 5) came with two Angel MPEG tuners on a board.  While that's been far from perfect (one failed and after much consternation, I got Dell to replace it -- that helped, but the second tuner is frequently "not available"), it's been adequate.

I went to Fry's and found a large variety from Avermedia, Hauppage, etc.  Here's what I am looking for:

* Something that works with Windows Media Center.

* HDTV support, with a clear channel QAM tuner, and also an analog tuner and hardware encoding (preferably H.264 but it's not clear that's available in add-in cards or supported by MCE).

* Vista-64 support in the box.  I find I usually have to download drivers even when it says Vista is supported on the box (recent Epson scanner & printer purchases both made me do this).

* Two tuners.

* PCI Express?  I'm leery of USB bandwidth being consumed by two HD streams.

Anyway, I'm in the hunt for such a thing and am not sure I can get all of the above in one device, but am hopeful someone else has already looked.  If not, I'll post what I find and if it works with the 730x/Vista-64.

Thanks in advance...




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