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Re: Think it'll fit?

yes. I had one Radeon fry on me while gaming, and after pulling teeth with the warranty, the replacement was... ok. Lots of stalling and skipping, compared to a similar NVidia. I'll leave the Radeons to the AMD users...


Dell XPS 720 H2C
Intel Core2 Extreme processor QX6850
(3.00GHz Factory OC to 3.67 GHz)
8GB G.Skill DDR2 PC8800 @ 1066MHz
WD Raptor 160GB 10K SATA Drive w/16MB Cache
Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7.2K SATA Drive w/16MB Cache
Creative X-Fi PCI Sound Card
Dell Ultrasharp 2408 24" Widescreen Monitor
Windows 7 Home Premium x64

 Dell XPS M1730
Intel Core2 Duo T9300(2.5GHz, 800Mhz, 6M L2 Cache)
8GB 667MHz 2 Dimm
Dual 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GT
Dual 500GB 7200RPM Free Fall SensorSeagate Hard Drive (Currently Raid 0)
17 UltraSharp TrueLife Wide screen WUXGA
Windows 7 Home Premium x64

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