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Tool bar and screen all fuzzy

OK, don't know what I did but my tool bar at the bottom of the screen is all out of whack. The colors look fuzzy and not as crisp as they were. Also, everything is huge all of a sudden and I can only see half of a page. My grandson hit something on the keyboard I think but I'm only guessing about that. I know this a very vague but does anyone have an idea what's happened?
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Re: Tool bar and screen all fuzzy


* On the desktop, right click
* Click Properties
* Click the Appearance tab
Windows and buttons = Windows XP style
Color scheme = Default (blue)
Font size = Normal
* Click the Effects button
Remove the first check
Change the second one to Clear Type
Remove all other checks
* Click OK
* Click the Settings tab
Screen Resolution =
CRT monitors choose 1024x768 pixels
FP monitors choose the optimal on your monitor, usually 1280x1024
Color quality = (32 bit)
* Click the Advanced button
* Under the General tab
Choose Normal size (96 dpi)
Put a dot on, " Apply the new display settings without restarting"
* Click the monitor tab
CRT monitors, change the Refresh Rate to at least 75Hz or the refresh rate printed on your monitor
* Click the Troubleshoot tab
Set this to Full
* Click Apply and/or OK
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