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Trouble with "My Account" Page In Attempt To Get Webcam To Work

I am having nothing but problems with getting a webcam to work on my Dell Ispiron 1545 laptop. I have tried 3 webcams and none will work. I was directed to look in the device manager under Imaging Properties where there is info on the webcams and what not. However, Imaging Properties doesn't even exist in my Device Manager.


So, I went to the "My account" section of dell.com under Download Factory Installed Software (My Dell Downloads). I clicked on this and there is the page where you agree and register to the terms. Once you do this, you click "Register Now" and are then taken to aome area where downloads for your account and computer are available. My computer will not ever take me past the register page to download whatever might be there.


My warranty is expired, so Dell will not help in any way whatsoever. My computer works fine except for the fact that I can not get any webcam to work on it. And yes, I have tried the plug in/unplug with a second USB device wihile the cam is plugged in. I understand this works for a lot of people but it doesn't work for me.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Trouble with "My Account" Page In Attempt To Get Webcam To Work

My Dell Downloads is only for purchased software and some (not many) factory installed software programs. It does not have the drivers that came with the computer like webcam drivers. That is available elsewhere. See if anything here helps. support.dell.com/.../document

Install Skype or Windows Messenger to test your webcam. The camera doesn't work unless you are running a program that needs it.

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