Trying to set up dual monitors but Vostro 230 towers sold without ports connected?

We have two Dell Vostro 230 towers at my office, and I'm attempting to connect each to two monitors. The graphics cards are NVIDIA GeForce 310, monitors are Dell E2310Hs. OS is Windows7.

The VGA port came covered in a cap with a 'no stopping' sign on it, and the port itself is not responsive to any monitors - all monitors connected to it don't recognise their (different) VGA cables. I'm told the monitors originally came with the DVI port adapters through which their single monitors currently function.

The Nvidia control pattern doesn't see anything not connected to the DVI port, even when searching aggressively (or whatever the phrase is). It seems we've been sold computers with disconnected internals.

Please tell me our office hasn't given Dell all this money for towers with 3 video outputs which include graphics cards with 3 video outputs, only to discover that only one of the outputs was ever meant to work.

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