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UEFI (?) changing boot drive? XPS 8900

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This is somewhat of a follow on to my earlier post dealing with migrating the OS to an SSD.  After havinig cloned the OS from the 2TB HDD, I wanted to boot from the SSD.  In the old days I would have gone to BIOS and from there selected boot priority of the various devices.  In this instance, I encountered UEFI and could not figure out how to change boot priority.  I saw options for legacy boot, some messages about disabling secure boot, and I was afraid to touch either.   So....I just swapped the disk cables and booted from the SSD.  

Still, I have the question, how can I change the boot priority?  Is there some Dell manual that gives a good explanation of the UEFI interface for me to study?  

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RE: UEFI (?) changing boot drive? XPS 8900

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Tap F12 as soon as you reboot to access the Boot Menu and select the boot device. Don't wait for any screen.