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UPS Battery Backup Selection

Have Dell Studio 540 Desktop (vintage 2008) and want to get a UPS for controlled shutdowns during power failures.  Have read some info that some of the Studio XPS units require UPS with pure sine wave generation...is this true also for the Studio 540 vintage 2008?  Such pure sine wave generating UPS are much more expensive...looking for a reasonably priced unit that will do the job...something like an APC BE750G.  Will this work?

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Re: UPS Battery Backup Selection

Hi Volfan01,

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As per the information provided by you, I would like to advise you to please follow the steps below :

• You can go for a Pure sine wave UPS or you can Purchase any normal UPS as it may work with the computer

• You can contact the Sales Team at 1-800-289-3355

Kindly reply with the result. Glad to be of Help


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Re: UPS Battery Backup Selection

I have used several UPS systems that were not "true sine wave" with PFC type power supplies and haven't had any problems.  One parameter I've seen for UPS' that are not true sine wave is that they have a less than 4ms switching time.  

With my PFC power supply (not a Dell OEM) I've used a Dell branded APC power supply (relatively old - made before PFC power supplies came out) and a new Cyberpower model and both have worked well.  

My suggestion would be to buy what you want, someplace that has a liberal return policy and if it doesn't work you can return it and go for one that is true sine wave.  The Cyberpower models are less expensive than the APC models.

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