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USB Ports not working and no PS2 ports available

All USB ports on my Dell Inspiron 530 stopped working and therefore no keyboard or mouse control available to work on recovery.  Is there any way to work around this problem? Although the computer was updated to Windows 7 Pro some time ago, I do still have both the Win 7 discs and the OEM discs that came with the computer. Any suggestions?  

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RE: USB Ports not working and no PS2 ports available

Get a live linux boot CD or DVD and see if the ports work outside the os.

Or Disconnect the hard drive and see if you can F2 into bios.

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RE: USB Ports not working and no PS2 ports available

Power off and remove power cord from rear of PC.  Press/hold power button for ~30 sec. Reconnect power cord to rear of PC and boot up.

If that doesn't help, and you can't even press F2 to get into BIOS, you can try an externally powered USB hub with its own power brick. Plug the brick into the wall and the hub into a rear USB port. Connect mouse and keyboard through the hub.

Now power the PC on and see if mouse/keyboard are working again.  If they work, there's a chance you might be able to do away with the powered hub. So post back if the hub works and we can go through the steps to try to eliminate it...


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