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Understanding Bios Settings

Can anyone direct me to thorough documentation of what each box in the Dell BIOS 1.02 that is being used on the XPS 730 systems.  I have a basic understanding of some of the settings, but there are other more obscure settings that I would like to gain a better understanding of.  What does each setting do for me.?

My second question is about overclocking.  I am running an XPS 730x H2C with the 965 Extreme Chip.  I have my setting at those noted by Chris.  I have tried several posted tweaks to increase the Overclock, but none of these have worked for me.  After the usual three tries to boot my system always goes back to the default settings.  Is there anyone out there who has sucessfully overclocked above the 3.72 with the 965 Extreme.  If so would you mind sharing your settings.

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