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Unknown PCI driver won't install Optiplex 755 windows 10

Dear Dell Community,

I have a Dell Optiplex 755 with Windows 10 Home installed. I wanted to check the device manager for any missing drivers, and I noticed an unknown PCI driver with the following hardware ID:


I suspect this is the HECI driver, but if I try to download the driver, and execute the setup, nothing happens, the setup executes but the driver doesn't install. I tried installing the driver through linking it, but that doesn't work either.

Do you guys have any tips on how to solve this issue?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys soon.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Solleveld.

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It is the Q35 chipset's Active Management Technology Serial Over LAN (SOL). There may not be a Windows 10 driver for this hardware.

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Assuming this system can get on line, go to the Intel download site and let their wizard scan your hardware to see if it can find a suitable driver for Win 10.


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Got maybe 6 of these up and running with Windows 10 64 Bit installed... The Windows 7 driver does the trick:

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