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Unusual screen anomalies w/4550. Samsung says its the video card?

Hi, everyone.
Some basic info first:
Dimension 4550
1gb Ram
2 120gb HD's (main and backup)
2 optical drives
Original 64mb GeForce video card
Original sound card
Add-on firewire card.

Now the issue:

I bought a Samsung 931b LCD monitor a few days ago, finally upgrading from a 17" CRT that I've been using. I bought this model partially because it has a DVI input and I've been contemplating getting a new video card, with DVI.
I've spent the last couple of days calibrating the monitor with my printer (photography is my hobby).
I noticed something strange...when looking at text, either in a web browser (Firefox or IE) or in MS Word, I noticed that in two areas of the display (along the left side, and about 2" in from the right side)text that is displayed appears to be in "bold" font, even though it isn't. Other parts of the screen look normal. I called Samsung, and they told me that there is a problem with my video card and to call Dell.

Now my questions:

Is it possible that the video card is causing this anomaly or should I return the monitor? To be fair, I've suspected that the card isn't up to snuff for some time, since I've experienced occasional momentary freezes or delays in the display. I'm not a gamer, and other than a weak video card, my computer should be able to handle anything I do.

If this really is a card problem, does DVI perform better or have less strain on the computers resources than using the analog interface? I'm looking at the GeForce FX5500, which I know isn't a barn-burner, but it's got twice as much memory, a DVI interface, and the price is right.


Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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My old PC has that same video card in it.  I upgraded to a 19" LCD monitor with no problems. 
The first thing to do is go the NVIDIA site and upgrade the drivers to the latest version as there is a lot of updated support.
Whether it's the monitor or the video card????  Typical of the "customer is holding  the bag" trying to figure out which is the problem.  If the NVIDIA updates do not solve the problem, you may have to find another PC that has a digital output and try the monitor on that one to see which is the problem - the monitor or the video card, even tho you plan to upgrade the video card. 

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Thanks Fireberd.
I did as you suggested and updated the drivers, and that didn't change things. It looks like my next stop is a trip to Best Buy for an exchange.
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