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Upgrade 4-core to 8-core CPU in Precision T7600

I would like to upgrade my T7600 (Dual Quad-core Xeon E5-2603) to a dual eight-core. I'm eyeing a pair of Xeon E5-2648. Looking at the Intel comparison tool both seem to be similar in all features (except cores-threads of course). Is there anything else in the computer that could prevent the switch from working properly? Thanks a lot


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RE: Upgrade 4-core to 8-core CPU in Precision T7600

The E5-2648 was not tested by us. These are the tested/validated CPUs for this model with Dell part numbers =
V51RY E5-2603, 1.80GHz, 10MB, 80w, M1
8VRMN E5-2609, 2.40GHz, 10MB, 80w, M1
D92WC E5-2620, 2.00GHz, 15MB, 95w, C0
4JH7C E5-2630, 2.30GHz, 15MB, 95w, C2
J3H1H E5-2643, 3.30GHz, 10MB, 130w, M1
VM6KK E5-2650, 2.00GHz, 20MB, 95w, C2
9G5GM E5-2665, 2.40GHz, 20MB, 115w, C0
T98DF E5-2667, 2.90GHz, 15MB, 130w, C2
100P2 E5-2680, 2.70GHz, 20MB, 130w, C2
9W8MF E5-2687W, 3.10GHz, 20MB, 150w, C2



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