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Upgrade BIOS Help Please

HI, I have looked a lot, and still need HELP, please.


Dimension V350 

currently installed Phoenix 4A4 RB0X0 10A 0017 PO5 A04




Current HDD 6GB

I want to install 40 GB

I have downloaded A08 FILE dimv_a08.exe to create Floppy

followed instructions created Floppy

rebooted with floppy IN Drive

go through POST

black screen with cursor [like an underscore] in top left hand corner of screen blinking it just hangs there, even after half hour


PLEASE, is there someone that can tell me what I am doing wrong.


I have tried a 40GB HDD from another working machine with W2K SP4 to see what happensd

BIOS recognised HDD size correct

W2K starts to boot then I get a Blue screen telling me to update Bios

so that didnt prove anything [ I think]


I was hoping it would boot OK, which would mean that I could get my other New Disk to work without updating the BIOS


doesnt seem to be the case


In advance, Thanks for any help

I really have spent a lot of time looking, not just being lazy, must have viewed 100 Posts in here



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Re: Upgrade BIOS Help Please

The hard drive from that other machine isn't going to boot this PC, unless all the hardware is exactly the same, because it doesn't have drivers matching the hardware in this system.


Did you follow these instructions to create the boot floppy?

When downloading this file, click on RUN FROM LOCATION.

This will allow the program to be downloaded and the diskette creatation utlity will run. Have a blank 1.44 diskette that has been formatted ready. The disk creatation program will create the bootable disk you need to flash your bios. When the program has finished making the disk, reboot your system with the Flash BIOS disk in the A: drive. Then follow the directions to flash the bios.


Did you disconnect all peripherals, except mouse, monitor, keyboard before trying to run the flash?




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Re: Upgrade BIOS Help Please

Thanks for replying Ron


I did see and follow the instructions, with the above results.


However, I woke up with a thought this morning, and made a

W98 Floppy Disk

Booted to C prompt

swapped Floppy for the Floppy created by BIOS download

inserted it

typed 'dimv_a08'



the BIOSupdate commenced

and completed successfuly


Ron, your comments would be appreciated as I fumbled my way here, and someone else might like an easier route.


For me, this problem is solved

I now just need to get the 40GB working.


I did try the other 40 GB from other machine again, to see what difference the BIOS upgrade had achieved.


Good Post

W2K started up the Welcome screen

nearly got all the way

then Blue screen


but this time, it DID NOT have the BIOS required section


just 'hardware problems' on the Blue Screen


I will now try formating 40GB with clean instal

and hope all is well


Kind regards Ron

comments, critique or advice welcomed





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Re: Upgrade BIOS Help Please

Alls well that ends well. Thanks


Did a format and clean install





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