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Upgrade GPU

i have a dell 

Dell Inspiron 660 

and can i upgrade to the 

GeForce GT 730 2GB 

if not what would i have to do 

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RE: Upgrade GPU





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what GPUs will work with the dell inspiron 660

i want to upgrade but i don't know what gpu will work and witch one would be the best for the money

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RE: what GPUs will work with the dell inspiron 660

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RE: what GPUs will work with the dell inspiron 660

Only short cards 8.5 inches or less fit into the case and if its a 660S then only short LOW PROFILE cards fit.

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gpu dell inspiron 660

if i get the 

MSI ATI Radeon HD6450 1 GB 

would i have to upgrade the power supply

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RE: Upgrade GPU

Agreed, The Inspiron 660 300w power supply can support the GeForce GT730 as well as the following Dell OEM video cards =
CJF72 Nvidia GeForce 640GT OHGA3 (Windows 😎
YG17P Nvidia GeForce 640GT OHGA3
98KC7 Nvidia GeForce GT620 M117N
51NCR AMD Radeon HD7570 M209A (Windows 😎
0NTVR AMD Radeon HD7570 M209A

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