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Upgrade video card for a Dimension 5150 E510

I thought I'd upgrade my video card so I can watch netflix without it pausing and freezing up all the time. My video card is a Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (GMA 950) and my wattage is 305. Would a new video card help? And what would you suggest I upgrade to that my computer could handle?


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Re: Upgrade video card for a Dimension 5150 E510

I have an NVIDIA 8600GT in my E510.  It will work with the stock power supply.  The 8600GT is an older card and I don't know if they are still available.

However, are you sure it's the PC's video that is causing the "pausing and freezing"?  Although an upgraded video card will help with all PC operations, it could be your internet link, a bottle neck in the ISP or in the PC the RAM (Memory).  Many of the E510/5150's were sold with 512 MB of memory and more memory would be a good idea on those with only 512 MB.    

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RE: Upgrade video card for a Dimension 5150 E510

When I upgraded from XP to Windows 7 I installed an ATI Radeon 2400 HD Pro, which turned out to be an OK card. I did not need to upgrade the PSU with this card. Later, I replaced the Radeon with the nVidia GeForce GT 730 and for that one I did replace the PSU, with a Corsair CX430M.

The nVidia is by far a superior video card compared to the Radeon 2400 HD Pro. The Windows Experience Index subscores for both Aero and Business / Gaming graphics rose to 7.0, which is pretty impressive. I occasionally get driver updates through Windows Update, but normally I simply download the latest driver from nVidia's web site and install that instead of the Windows update.

Note that fireberd's comment about adding memory to a maximum of 4 GB is sound advice. I replaced the 2x1GB memory in my E510 with 2x2GB for a total of 4 GB, but only 3.5 GB of actual usable memory. You'll definitely experience better performance from your E510 with more memory.

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