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Upgraded from Vista Home 32 bit OS to windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS What Ram to upgrade to now?

I have a XPS 730 H2c >790i> OX9650> 2 X nVidia GTX 280 (SLI)>4 Gigs of Ram it came with Vista Home 32 bit I recently upgraded my OS after Dell changed all kinda parts mainboard (long story) anyway I wnt from Vista Home 32 bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I want to upgrade my Ram I upgraded it after I firs got the PC from 2 to 4 gigs and I now have 2 different brands and have a feeling they are not matched pairs that I got from Dell when I upgraded.

Now that hardware issues are resolved I would like to upgrade the Ram now that I was able to instal Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS. I would like to get some good performance Ram but I am not a overclocker nor do I want to stress my hardware but would like optimal performance and matched pairs of good Ram but have also read nightmares about geting Bios settings right after upgradeing Ram on the 790i MB. As I said I don't really want to push hardware to the limit but I do want a performer too as thats why I bought this machine. I plan to add a 3rd 280 Gtx along with 2X 450 power supplies the plan to run a seperate power supply for easch GPU So I will have the stock power supply running the first GPU and the 2 450 W Power supplies for the other 2 GPU's but want to upgrade my Ram first . Apreciate all help and advice.

I had this PC for a little over a year and it has been a nightmare but it is working as it should now so I would like to get it to it's full potential now that it performs as it should.




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Re: Upgraded from Vista Home 32 bit OS to windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS What Ram to upgrade to now?

Around here the most recommend ram is Crucial ram. you can find ram for your system HERE

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