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Upgrading Dimension 9150


I have a Dell Dimension 9150 (Pentium 4 3.4Ghz, 2MB memory) that was pretty powerful when I got it a few years ago but now seems to be struggling with the latest games etc. I was thinking about upgrading it and wondering if people could advise me on these two options:

  • First option is to upgrade the graphics card. It has a NVIDIA GeForce 6800 256MB at the moment and I was wondering about going for a Radeon 4650 or 4670 (1GB or 512MB). Does anyone know if these are compatible and/or will make a noticeable difference.
  • The second, more extensive, option would be to mess with the CPU and memory. I noticed that my motherboard (0FJ030) can support duo cores and was wondering if it's simply as a easy as buying another Pentium 3.4GHz and slotting it in next to the existing one. I suspect not and that I've just given away my complete lack of understanding of these things with that idea.

Anyway, very grateful for any advice.



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Re: Upgrading Dimension 9150

Sadly no you cannot just slot in another cpu beside the current one. You can upgrade your memory to 667mhz x 4 1G modules as a start. But keep in mind windows xp will only see slightly more than 3 G's. As for cpu you can select any othe the dual core Pentium D models that have 800 bus speeds. The Intel Core 2 Q6600 and 6700 might be an option as well but you should confirm with intel spec's on the 945 chipset if they will work. Also you may need to update your bios before any newer cpu's are installed. As for GPU's you will be limited by your current PS output of 375 watts. Keep in mind the type of connections and power requirements of any card you select before purchasing. The higher end newer cards will have much higher power demands than your current PS can handle.

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Re: Upgrading Dimension 9150

You can get a lot of bang for the buck with a GTS250 video card.  I like the Gigabyte because it just fits in the 5150/9150 case.  Some have been happy with the 375W supply driving it.  You can get a high efficency 550W PSU for $50 which will pay for itself in electricity savings.  This and the video card will still be under $200 and really liven up the performance.  You can find the Pentium Ds on ebay affordably and has fair prices on the RAM.


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