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Upgrading PwrSpply &processor Inspiron 3847

Hi, I am currently running my Inspiron 3847 with 16gb Ram and a GTX 1080 graphics card, I am wanting to put at LEAST intel i5 into it, but would like to put I7 in.
I am also wanting to upgrade pwrspply to ensure that everything runs smoothly
this is the power I am looking at currently. My question is, will any of this work?

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RE: Upgrading PwrSpply &processor Inspiron 3847

Yes that power supply should work with this system

The best cpu that works on the machine would be a:

Intel Core i7-4790K

This machine could use 4th generation Intel Cpu's that use the LGA 1150 socket


I do not work for dell. I am also a user.

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