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Upgrading Ram in a Inspiron 530s?

Hello. I was wondering if its possible to upgrade ram in a Inspiron 530s past the default 4GB max. I've been doing some research and some say it is possible while others say it isn't. I've heard mention of being on a 64 bit operating system makes it possible but I've also read its not possible due to the motherboard.

If the motherboard is the cause is it possible to upgrade it?

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RE: Upgrading Ram in a Inspiron 530s?


4gb is the maximum.

The Foxconn G33m02 [Dell P/N ORY007] motherboard that is the default motherboard installed in the 530s Slimline, supports a maximum of 4gb of DDR2 RAM.

The Foxconn G33m03 [Dell P/N OFM586] motherboard can support 8gb [4 x 2gb modules].

Plus you will need a 64-bit operating system.

The Inspiron 530s is probably not worth upgrading, used 530s can be purchased for $100/125 off eBay.





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