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Upgrading my graphics card to one with an s-video output

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to upgrade the graphics card on my Dell Precision 360, to one that has an s-video output for my TV. The trouble is my machine is quite old, maybe even 10yrs - I can't remember when I bought it!

My concern is that I don't want to buy a card that is incompatible with my motherboard, but I have no idea what the interface of my current card is, nor how things have changed since I bought it (I assume there are various standards). I also don't want to buy a new card that performs worse than my old one.

I know that the current card is an nVIDIA Quadro FX500. Beyond that I'm clueless.

Can anyone tell me how to find out what specs I should look for in a modern card to ensure compatibility, or point me to an area of the Dell website that can tell me the full specs of my current card?

Many thanks in advance


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Re: Upgrading my graphics card to one with an s-video output

Your card needs AGP slot. First, you need to find a new video card that fits in that type of slot. Most of the new ones don't.

Second, the power draw by the new card must be less than or equal to the power draw of your current video card. This is to make sure your power supply can still function.


If it was me, I would use that card's DVI output and buy a DVI to HDMI converter. And connect up to TV using HDMI.


I would not buy a new video card.




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