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Upgrading old Dell Dimension 2400 CPU, GPU, Memory, etc.

Primarily interested in CPU upgrade at this time. I downloaded CPU-Z to determine my specs, and am providing this stitched-together set of screenshots from that program:

I just upgraded the CPU on my friend's Dimension 5150 with success. I would like to replicate that on my 2400 - a much weaker machine. This computer is primarily used for casual internet browsing and occasionally watching a Youtube video. The only programs that really tax the CPU are my disk defragmentation and the program CCleaner. When I have a large internet browsing session of 100+ tabs, the CPU is also taxed at that time. 

I would like to max out this computer using cheap upgrades parts I can buy on eBay. On my friend's 5150, I bought an upgrade CPU for $5 shipped and a thermal paste from ebay for 80 cents. I wouldn't mind buying a cheap video card and a CPU to upgrade this old workhorse

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I am ready to try the GA78 ...they are avail from G/B at about  $36.00 and up. I already own the same Athlon II and a Xion 450w  atx psu,  some ram, etc. Can you please advise me on other concerns I may face with this. Will the 2 existing case fans plug into the board and what about the rear I/O  shield (I hope it comes w/ the new board) ...any mods required?  Ist time build/builder. Thanks,  dell380.

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