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Upgrading video card on a Dell T3500

I have an older T3500 that I've upgraded over time and currently have the following:

Intel Xeon W3670 @ 3.2GHz
Windows 10 Pro x64
Samsung SSD 850 Pro (main boot drive)
1x Samsung 2TB HD204UI drive
2x Toshiba 4TB MD04ACA400 drives
1x DVD+/- RW
Nvidia Quadro 4000 video card
SoundBlaster Audigy Fx soundcard

Also I am running 2 monitors

I'm having what seems to be the common overheating problem with the Quaddro 4000 where the fan runs at max speed ALL the time and randomly shuts down video signal several times a day. Given how old it is it doesn't really seem worthwhile for me to try and fix the video card by removing the GPU and putting new thermal compound on it. I don't do any 3D modeling, mostly some light-medium gaming and design work (Adobe CC). Also watch some HD video on occasion.

I've found a newer video card on sale at a decent price and want to know if this would be a good upgrade to replace the Quaddro 4000 with.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti FTW DT GAMING Graphics Card

I'm mainly concerned about the PSU running it ok and it being a worthwhile upgrade. I'd rather stick with the nVidia line as well. I'm trying to keep the budget on the cheap side (under $150) since the system is so old. No need to drop a $500+ GPU in a sub $200 system that's near the end of its life, but I wouldn't mind getting a a few more years out of it on the cheap.

Much thanks for any advice and feedback!!!

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RE: Upgrading video card on a Dell T3500

Hoping to get some feedback on this today. Wanting to pull the trigger and buy this while it's still on sale if it's a good fit for my system and will work. Thanx!

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RE: Upgrading video card on a Dell T3500

Have not used that exact card but have installed several 1050ti in these T3500 with no issues. The PSU has proper 6-pin PCIe connector and should be able to handle the card just fine.

You may need to remove the small square section of the HDD swing tray (two screws) to make room for the card. Which means losing a drive mount. It can be relocated to the 2.5" slot in the upper optical bay.

Hope that helps.

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