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Using Dell Inspiron One 2305 As a Second Monitor with Touch Enabled?

Hello Dell Community,



I recently decided to hook up my Dell Inspiron One 2305 to my primary gaming PC to use as a secondary monitor.  When I run the Inspiron as a PC, I have no issues getting it to run with the multi-touch functionality enabled.  However, when I switch the inputs (it is hooked into my other PC which is running an NVIDIA Geforce 670 via the HDMI port) the touch capability no longer functions.


When looking in the device manager, it is seen as a Generic PnP Monitor, with hardware ID DELB123.  I have done some research and lots of reading, and have pretty much exhausted trying other settings or trying to force the driver to something else. I went as far installing Dell Stage and virtually every display driver for the 2305 I could find on my main PC (didn't think it would work but it was worth a try) and still no luck.

I haven't been able to find any forum posts with anyone else experiencing this exact issue and the setup manual for the PC doesn't address it.  Is there a way to use the Dell Inspiron One via HDMI as a second monitor for another PC while still retaining the touchscreen functionality and using it with the other PC that is plugged into it? Thanks for the help.

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Re: Using Dell Inspiron One 2305 As a Second Monitor with Touch Enabled?

Hi RAWRMedusa,

The touch function is not going to be available to an external video source. Sorry.

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